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How To Test Any WordPress Plugin Very Quickly

Testing is an important part of web development, as it allows you to try features before you implement them. Ideally, you should have a website dedicated to this, but not all projects allow for it. There are also sometimes where you only want to do a quicker test to have a quick look at the […]

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The Best Alternatives To Google Analytics For Your Website

If you own a websites, there is a high probability that you are tracking your users with the help of Google Analytics. It was the first tool that was easy-to-install while providing a large number of useful data for people running websites. Over the years, privacy concerns have grown and Google has not always proved […]

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Installation of WordPress sites

Your website ready-to-go, the perfect online showcase for your business.

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Creation of custom WordPress themes

A unique site for your business, make sure that your site reflects your identity by investing in a custom template.

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Creation of custom WordPress plugins

Sometimes you need specific features that do not yet exist in the WordPress plugins directory.

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Website audit

In a 5-page report, we analyze the quality of your website. Security, statistics, design, SEO, content,... make sure your site is really useful to you.

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WordPress site maintenance

Having a WordPress site that is not kept up to date is increasing the chances of being hacked or seeing malfunctions on your site. Do not run this risk by entrusting us with the maintenance of your site.

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Google Analytics stats analysis

You have a site with a statistical system installed, but do not understand it? We explain these statistics and allow you to improve your website so that it is really useful to you.

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