How To Solve The “WordPress site Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(…).live is not a function” Error

WordPress’ latest updated came with issues for many websites worldwide, because the popular CMS stopped including the jquery-migrate tool by default. This tool allowed you to keep including jQuery scripts written for older versions of jQuery.

In general, the problems you’ll meet will be concerning features that use jQuery, for example image carousels or visual effects triggered on click. To check if your issues come from there, you can look into your browser’s console (in Chrome, by hitting Ctrl + Maj + I). If you see the “WordPress site Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(…).live is not a function” error message, you are probably experiencing an issue due to the removal of jquery-migrate.

The Solution

Luckily, thanks for WordPress’ design with plugins, you can fix this issue quite easily. A developer has created a plugin that allows you to integrate jquery-migrate to your WordPress installation again.

You can just install the plugin as you would normally, then activate it. You will have nothing else to do, the plugin takes care of everything. Once it’s done, check if the issue is still there or if it’s fixed.

Once the problem is fixed, you should be careful and try to go to the root of the bug, or it will come back with the next update of WordPress. You must then look for the cause of the problem and fix it.