On this page, you will find some answers to frequently asked questions.

Sharing Access

How to give access to your website’s Google Search Console?

If you possess a Google Search Console account for your website and need to grant permissions to another individual, such as allowing them to finalize the setup on the website. Instructions.

How to give access to your Google Analytics property?

To let your web designer setup some analytics-related features on your website, it’s often easier to grant him access to your Google Analytics property. To do this, this is how you should proceed. Instructions.

Basic WordPress Tasks

How to reset your password in WordPress?

Maintaining well-organized passwords is crucial to avoid frequent time-consuming password resets. Nevertheless, we all make mistakes, and there may come a time when you find yourself stuck and unable to locate your password. Additionally, it’s essential to remember that regularly changing your password is vital for security purposes. Instructions.

How to create a new user accout in WordPress?

As professionals in the field of WordPress, we often encounter individuals with poor practices when it comes to managing their websites. One common mistake is sharing their personal admin account, including their own password, with those who assist them on the site. Unfortunately, this approach poses several issues, primarily the inability to track and attribute specific edits made on the site.
Fortunately, WordPress offers robust built-in user management features. In this article, we will explore a simple yet effective functionality: creating new users in WordPress. Instructions.

How to test any plugin in WordPress quickly?

Testing plays a crucial role in web development as it enables you to assess and experiment with features before their actual implementation. Ideally, it is recommended to have a dedicated testing website for this purpose. However, certain projects may not permit the luxury of a separate testing environment. Moreover, there are instances where a quick test suffices to gain a brief understanding of how a feature operates. Instructions.