Website Statistics Analysis

Owning a website is a great idea if you are looking to communicate and to find new clients. However, the work on your website doesn’t stop once you launch it. A website without visitors is basically useless, and a website with poorly targetted visitors is almost as useless.

A statistical analysis to understand your website visitors better

When you identify who are your website’s visitors, where they come from, and what they do on your website, you learn how to modify your website and your marketing strategy to target your users even better and provide a better experience.

For this statistical analysis of your website, we will need to access your Google Analytics statistics. We can also do it if you use other statistical tools, but they are not included in this offer.

On Google Analytics, we extract the most important statistical data to measure the performance of your website. This report will be sent to you with comments for each section and recommendations to improve the site.

Recommendations for better statistical data

On top of these recommendations, we will make other recommendations to help you gather better data using Google Analytics. It is in fact possible to use Google Analytics to measure specific goals to have better data to analyze.

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