About Us

WP Expert is a WordPress website creation agency based in Fribourg, Switzerland. Our agency specializes in the creation of websites with WordPress, the CMS that powers more than a third of the Internet’s websites.

Why WordPress?

There are several good reasons for a company, an association, or an individual to choose WordPress. First, the possibility to quickly install a powerful and extensible website creation system. Second, WordPress is open source, meaning that the source code is not subject to copyright, thus making the system adaptable through plugins, but also to hand over the project more easily.


At WP Expert, our work is guided by a need for transparency and durable work. The choice of Open Source tools, and WordPress is the main one for us, is very important for us because it fits that logic.

We love work to be well done and pay particular attention to detail. Even more important, we are conscious that a website project is alive and evolutive, thus making good maintenance as important as a spectacular launch.