Multipurpose WordPress Themes: 10 Popular Templates to Consider

Using multipurpose WordPress themes is probably the best choice if you are looking for a compromise between the speed of website release, quality of code, and easy maintenance.

When should you use multipurpose WordPress themes?

If you are not a theme developer or you don’t have the resources to hire one, it can be a good idea to work with a multipurpose WordPress template to build your websites. It will give you the flexibility to build more than just one website and to have various look-and-feel themes for them.

However, if you have more ambitious projects, such as a social media platform, an e-commerce site, or a corporate website with specific functionalities, it will be better to develop a custom WordPress theme.

A collection of multipurpose WordPress themes that can do it all!

Here is a small selection of the best templates you can use if you are looking for a flexible WordPress theme.

1. Kalium

Kalium is a do-it-all theme that has the flexibility to create all kinds of designs very quickly. The key feature of this WordPress theme is the pre-made demo concepts that can help you to launch much quicker by structuring your website quicker. Check all the features here.

Kalium Multipurpose WordPress themes

2. The Gem

The Gem targets creatives by focusing on high-end design and assets in its theme. The visuals included in the themes are often gorgeous, which shows a strong dedication to aesthetics. On top of the 80+ ready-to-use templates, this theme is also very performant in terms of speed. Check it out here.

The Gem WordPress theme

3. Mist

Mist helps you to get started quickly with your website creation. It includes the possibility to choose between a one-page or a multi-page layout, which you can in both cases highly customize. This theme is also known for the great support provided. Check it out here.

Mist layout WordPress theme

4. Cartfolio

Cartfolio, as its name indicates, is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme, dedicated to helping you style your online shop creatively. The features included, such as mega-menus or the zoom magnifier, are oriented to making your theme more efficient for e-commerce. Check it out here.

Carfolio Multipurpose Woocommerce Theme

5. Ronby

Ronby is not a theme that fits all industries, it was designed for six industries in mind: Agency Business, Medical, Restaurant, Fitness, Construction, and Fashion Shop. If you are building a website for one of these industries, you should consider using it. Check it out.

Ronby Premium WordPress theme


With a clean speed-tested design, OZUN offers flexibility and features that make it right for almost any project. It includes a pixel-perfect grid layout and $70 worth of plugins bundled in. Get it here.

OZUN high-performance WordPress theme

7. Nerebro

Nerebro comes with over 30 ready-to-use templates and the possibility to fully customize the theme with typographic and color adaptation on every level. It has some specially crafted portfolio layouts, thus making it the perfect theme for displaying creative work. Check it out.

Nerebro Multipurpose WordPress themes

8. Divi

Probably the most famous one in this collection of multipurpose WordPress themes, Divi can also be defined as a website builder for WordPress. It takes the possibilities of creation very far and gives you nearly unlimited possibilities for website creation and layouts. Check it out.

Divi Website builder for WordPress

9. Brando

Brando is a one-page responsive WordPress theme that can serve many purposes. It was awarded regularly for its great and modern design. Check it out.

Brando WordPress theme

10. Uncode multipurpose WordPress themes

One of the most popular WordPress themes ever, with a stunning 50’000 downloads. It comes with the amazing number of more than 410 templates for your layouts. It comes with tons of menus, masonry layouts, page-builder elements, pre-made concepts, and much more. Get it here.

Uncode multipurpose WordPress themes
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