What the tag? A tool to find the right HTML tag for the job

HTML tags are the primary tool web designers use to establish a website’s structure. Although they are not visible, they are ubiquitous and define the nature of every object on a web page.

Tags are well documented, but it’s still easy to make a mistake and use a sub-optimal HTML tag, for example by using a <p> tag that we style manually to display a quote, whereas a <blockquote> tag would have been more appropriate.

The website “What the tag?” is a very useful resource that assists you in the choice of the right tag for the content type you want to publish. You just need to answer a few question to get a suggestion for the best tag in your use case. If you want more information on the said tag, a link to Mozilla’s documentation for this tag will be available.

This site is a precious tool if you are in doubt for a tag, but it deserves to be completed to include more tags. Structural tags are not in it, and it would be better to find image-related tags, such as <figure>, <svg>, or <img>. We still share this tool here and hope that the missing tags will quickly be added.