5 Useful Resources For Every Web Developer

As a web developer (or a designer), it’s hard to follow everything that’s going on in terms of new tools and resources. From time to time, one should look around the interwebs and look for new ways to stay on top of your game and keep your productivity at the expected level.

1. Loading.io

Sometimes, things will take some time to load, especially if you are using heavy scripts or images. Website visitors tend to leave very quickly if they have to wait. To make them wait a little longer, loaders are a good solution, as they give a clear indication that something is loading.

Loading.io offers a selection of customizable loaders that you can include on your website. Some are free, others are paid (but cheap), but they are all great in terms of quality.

2. Kodezi

Kodezi is a powerful tool for programmers, with impressive AI-like functionalities, such as code debugging, optimization, or generation. It supports plenty of programming languages and has already proven that it can be one of the greatest productivity boosters for developpers. It even comes with an AI chat that you can consult on specific issues when coding. Kodezi comes with a free version that allows you to test the tool in order to decide if the productivity gains justify the investment in a paid version.

3. DopeUI

DopeUI is a collection of templates with great designs, perfect to kickstart any project. Whether you are designing for a fitness, online classes, or a shop, you’ll find a suitable web design template to get started. Some designs are free, but not all. However, paid templates are rather cheap.

4. DevTooly

DevTooly is a regularly updated tools list for web developpers, with pretty much anything you could need. Icons, illustrations, CSS gradients, products mock-ups,… you name it, you will probably find it there. You can also subscribe to their weekly newsletter if you want to ensure that you will never miss a new tool.

5. Flaticon

Flaticon is a greatly known resource for designers, but it’s worth mentioning in case a reader or two didn’t know about the website yet. Flaticon consists in a gigantic library of icons conveniently categorized and easy to search. Plenty of the icons are free, but not all. This is my go-to place when I need some icons for a user interface.

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