Website audit

A common mistake by companies who create a website to have an online presence is to think that the project is over once the website is published. On the opposite, a corporate website must be updated technically, as well as content-wise, in order to not be forgotten.

A Website Audit to Identify Issues

The creation of a modern website implies many aspects that are quick to put aside. With a little money investment, a website audit allows to quickly identify issues that can make you lose a lot money in missed opportunities.

An In-depth Analysis

During the website audit, we analyze the following points on your website:

  • Performance: does your website load fast enough? What are the issues to solve for a better performing website?
  • SEO: what problems are preventing visitors to find you from search engines? How to optimize your website to be easier to find for the right person?
  • Security: is your website up-to-date and is it potentially hackable?
  • Responsivity: is your website displaying correctly on mobile devices? More than 30% of website traffic comes from mobile nowadays, don’t miss these potential visitors.