Creation of Custom WordPress Plugins

One of the main advantages of WordPress comes from the large selection of plugins available to customize your website. Thanks to the efforts of developers worldwide, it is possible to install WordPress plugins for all kinds of functionalities.

However, some functionalities needed are so specific to a company or a sector that they cannot be achieved without creating a custom WordPress plugin. This way, it’s possible to extend the possibilities of a website without changing everything.

The process of creating a custom WordPress plugin

After a client contacts us, we work together to define the needs of the client and the best way to achieve what he or she wants. Here is the usual process of the creation of a custom WordPress plugin:

  1. Request from the client, who describes the functionalities he needs.
  2. Quote based on the initial request. When appropriate, suggestion of new functionalities.
  3. After the quote is approved, development of the custom WordPress plugin on a test server.
  4. Functional testing of the plugin on the test server.
  5. Security testing of the plugin on the test server.
  6. After testing by the client on the test server, installation of the plugin on the production site.
  7. If necessary, debugging of the plugin.
  8. Delivery of the custom WordPress plugin finished.