Design of Custom WordPress Themes

Free and Premium WordPress themes are often great and of high-quality, but they usually don’t allow for the same level of control that a custom WordPress theme does.

A Design for your Needs Specifically

If your company hired a serious agency for branding and marketing, it already has a corporate identity that should be used on the website design.

Here is the process of creation of a custom WordPress theme:

  1. Discussion with the client to define the scope of the project, graphic expectations and the needed functionalities.
  2. Detailed offer with prices for each step and functionality.
  3. Once the offer is approved, creation of a wireframe based on the offer.
  4. Upon wireframe approval, creation of a design concept and a mockup.
  5. Review of the mockup according to the client’s comments.
  6. Once the mockup is approved, HTML-CSS integration and creation of the custom WordPress theme.
  7. Debugging of the WordPress theme.
  8. Live production.

A custom design for a more efficient design

On top of providing you with a website that completely fulfills your expectations, this creation process allows you to think deeper to your needs in terms of content and functionality.

We recommend the creation of a custom theme to ensure a more efficient website for your company or your service. On the longer term, this helps to create a more sustainable business and will save you money.